2TA176 Don’t spoil your dinner

By | November 16, 2017

This week’s cohosts:

avatar Nikolas Podrasky
avatar Michael Allen
avatar JadiimJedi

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5 thoughts on “2TA176 Don’t spoil your dinner

      1. Zubrin Post author

        Thanks hachnslay. I flushed the cache after your post, but had not had time to respond (my phone app does not have a way for me to do it, oddly.)

  1. GrimDawnFan

    Not digging the lore segment. If I wanted lore knowledge I would just read it. Love meta and tournament discussions or any type of deck tech with experience playing said deck.

    1. Zubrin Post author

      That’s fair. It really only happens in the run up to the new set and we had lots of positive feedback to it as many people would rather hear Penta read it than read themselves. We will keep an eye out on the feedback and evaluate whether it is a good segment long term, though we are probably a few months away from reading anything else.


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