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2 Turns Ahead Live on Twitch

On Saturday (2/27), at 9:00 PST, join casting regulars Zubrin, Pentachills, Tecnophi, and deckofmanythings as they host 4 IQ participants: Infam0usne0, SaDOlution, JadiimJedi, and MasterMattchu. Also, Piecetinker will be there, but he won’t say anything. This will go down on We are not recording a show this week, but will have one the following… Read More »

Sounds of Shards full set of Blood sound files

Mark (Elysion) has updated the “Sounds of Shards” Project and has completed all the blood sounds in the game.  You can now have sounds for every blood card! Old post and instructions below! ——— Mark Doezé (Elysion), the person who makes the sound in our podcast amazing every week and is also a sound designer and composer… Read More »