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Episode 55: Smooooth


That’s ****in Teamwork!
2-2-1 Draft Archetypes Continued
Drafted Pack


Archetype Player Average Optimal
Dwarves Pentachills 6 8.5
Dwarves JuzamJedi 8 8
Humans JuzamJedi 7 9
Humans Pentachills 5 9.3
Shin’hare Pentachills 2 7
Shin’hare JuzamJedi 5 8
Blood/Wild JuzamJedi 5 5
Blood/Wild Pentachills 5.5 6
Ruby/Wild Pentachills 5 8.75
Ruby/Wild JuzamJedi 3 3
Bury Infam0usNe0 5 7.75
Bury DeckOfManyThings 3.75 6
MonoB DeckofManyThings 3 6
MonoB Infam0usNe0 4 9
MonoW Infam0usNe0 6.5 8
MonoW DeckOfManyThings 6 7
BR Orcs JuzamJedi 5.5 5.5
BR Orcs DeckOfManyThings 6 6.5
SD Fliers DeckOfManyThings 2 6.583
SD Fliers JuzamJedi 4 5

Draft Pack

Stonetusk – Pentachills (1)
Withering Touch
Mentor of the Wind
Careful Rummaging
Meek -JuzamJedi (1)
Wounded War Hero – DOMT (1), JuzamJedi (3)
Ambling Bluff
Kog’tepetl’s Thirst – JuzamJedi (2), Pentachills (2) DOMT (3)
Mazat Spearman – DOMT (1)
Cerulean Mirror Magi
Burrow Bunny
Light of Hope
To the Skies
Born to Die – Pentachills (3)


Episode 52: What is in the box?

Community News
Sapphire Cup recap
Sealed Deck Building
Pack Draft

Top 8 Sapphire Cup

Sealed Pool

Gront the Infinite
Noble Heart
Highlands Magus
Dream Dance
Wind of Change
Bucktooth Commander
Rot caster
Bone Warrior
Elite Battle Tech
Spawn of Othuyeg
Callous Awakener
Scraptech Brawler
Lumbering Sparklespore
Gobbleglade Witch
Royal Valkyr
Withering Touch
Cockatwice x2
Town Crier
Pulse Reactor
Shard of Savagery
Shard of Cunning
Adrenaline Rush
Shatter Shield x2
Mesmeric Hypnoscientist
Molten Slaggard
Arena Regular x2
Ridge Raider
Ruby Aura
Sniper of Gawaine
Crackling Sprout
Thorntongue Snapdragon
Spirit Oracle x2
Wreckasaurus x2
Rune Ear Burrower
Cottontail Scout
Sterling Starwatcher
Nature Reigns
Runts of the Litter
Feral Ogre
Howling Brave
Meek x2
Crackling Boon
Bastion of Adamanth x2
Ambling Bluff
Kraken Guard Seapriest
Inner Conflict
Noble Citizenry
Wind Whisperer
Guard Dog
Crackling Rot
Neophyte of Xarlox
Brutal Bonecracker
Wretched Wrangler x2
Darkspire Punisher
Cunning Skullcaster
Mazat Spearman
Killblade of the Milky Eye
Call the Grave
Mazat Ranger
Determined Zombie
Murmurs from the Void
Launchpad Specialist
Recovery Specialist
Phoenix Guard Enforcer x2
Dementia Daisies
Cavern Guard
Twisted Fate
Zodiac Shaman
Excavation Hulk
Reactor Bot
Overtime Bot
Adaptable Infusion Device x2

Sealed Decklists:

Pentachills: and

Draft Pack

Samson, Lead ballistics Engineer – Kindmime (3), Penta (1), Zubrin (3)
Mentor of the Wind
Warrior of Andronicus -Kindmime (1), Pentachills (3), Zubrin (1)
Underfoot Commander
Sly Huntress
Illjuni Mithkin
Charge Hulk
Mesmeric Hypnoscientist
Immortal Tears
Verdict of the Ancient Kings
Bucktooth Bannerbunny
Field Tactician
Tormented Ritualist – Pentachills (2), Zubrin (2)
Bastion of Adamanth – Kindmime (2)


Episode 50: Conversation with Cory Jones


-Sapphire Cup
-Sounds of Shards (Link:
-Light Questions
-PVE and wrapup
Pack Draft

Drafted Pack

Teapot of Prosperity – Zubrin (3)
Underfoot Commander – Pentachills (2)
Mentor of the Song -Cory (1)
Lumbering Sparklespore
Mesmeric Hypnoscientist – Zubrin (2)
Immortal Tears
Manti Ranger – Pentachills (1)
Verdict of the Ancient Kings
Rotting Buffalo
Adrenaline Rush
Darkspire Punisher
Charge Hulk – Cory (2), Zubrin (1)
Crackling Wit
Feeding the Young ones – Cory (3)
Prophet of Wren – Pentachills


Episode 49: Constructed Foremen

HTO Briggadon Postmortem
JuzamJedi’s Combo Deck
Drafted Pack

Top 8 from the HTO

JJ’s Decklist
11 Ruby Shard
10 Wild Shard
4 Shard of savagery
2 Wrathwood colossus
2 Eternal guardian
4 Chlorophylia
3 Crazed squirrel titan
4 Eye of creation
4 Howling brave
2 Filk ape
4 Scraptech brawler
2 Zakiir
4 Arborean Rootfather (Direct Damage and Speed)
4 Wrathwood Master Moss

3 Thorntongue Snapdragon
3 Gobbleglade Witch
4 Heat Wave
3 Argus, Herald of Doom
2 Succulent Cluckodon

Penta’s Decklist
Champion: Bertram
27x Sapphire
21x Ruby
4x Shards of Fate
4x Shards of Innovation
4x Burn
4x Cerulean Mirror Knight
4x Lord Benjamin, The Wise
4x Time Ripple
4x Crackling Bolt
4x Highlands Magus
4x Storm Cloud
4x Verdict of the Ancient Kings
4x Lord Alexander, The Courageous
4x Buccaneer
4x Cerulean Mentalist
4x Countermagic
4x Jags, The Blademaster
4x Scraptech Brawler
4x Gore Feast of Kog’Tepetl
4x Royal Falconer
4x Azurefate Sorceress (Minor Ruby of Ferocity / Minor Ruby of Flames)
4x Legionnaire of Gawaine
4x Mastery of Time
3x Reese, The Crustcrawler
4x Subterranean Spy
4x Heroic Outlaw (Major Sapphire of Mind / Minor Sapphire of Sky)
4x Jank Bot

JJ’s Infinite Turn/Combo Deck
Champion: Running Deer

14 Sapphire Shard
8 Wild Shard
4 Shard of Instinct
4 Mastery of Time
3 Zodiac Divination
4 Oracle Song
2 Peek
4 Crash of Beasts
1 Chimes of the Zodiac
4 Chlorophyllia
4 Scheme
3 Archmage Wrenlocke
3 Sight of the Sun
2 Genesis Pool Naiad

4 Buccaneer
4 Time Ripple
4 Eldritch Dreamer with Rhino Gem
3 Verdict of the Ancient Kings

Drafted Pack
Constantina – JuzamJedi (1), PentaChills (1), Zubrin (3)
Construction Plans: Bot Shop – Zubrin (1), Pentachills (2)
Electroid – Pentachills (2), Zubrin (2), Juzamjedi (3),
Necrophage Sensei
Excavation Hulk
Grand Squirrel Titan
Immortal Tears
Wounded War Hero
Giant Mosquito
Subterranean Spy
Reactor Bot
Crackling Rot – Juzamjedi (2)
Rune Ear Burrower
Chimera Guard Outrider


Episode 48: Rubies Aplenty


Ruby Cup and Matt Miller
Ruby Cup Top 8
HexTechs open
Pack Draft


Ruby Cup Top 8


Subtle Striker – Penta (1), Matt (3). Zubrin (3)
Queensguard – Zubrin (1), Matt (2)
Shard of Savagery
Born to Die
Overtime Bot
Crackling Boon
Cottontail Scout
Molten Slaggard
Cerulean Mirror Magi
Manti Ranger – penta (3)
Construct Foreman
Feeding the Young Ones – Penta (2)
Construction Plans: Crank Rocket – Matt (1), Zubrin (2)
Royal Herald
Ridge Raider